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Florida's Landlord/Tenant Law

Navigating the complexities of Landlord/Tenant Law in Florida with the expertise of Blacksten, Zelaya & Perez.

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Expertise in Landlord/Tenant Disputes.

Explore success in resolving Florida Landlord/Tenant Law matters with Blacksten, Zelaya & Perez. Our skilled attorneys are committed to protecting your rights. Whether you're a landlord or tenant, trust us for expert representation. Contact us to discuss your case and achieve a favorable outcome.

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Empowering Your Rights: Tailored Legal Guidance for Florida Landlord/Tenant Challenges.

We give you personalized attention and use our negotiation skills to guide you through landlord/tenant legal matters. With a deep understanding of Florida law, we safeguard your rights, aiming for the best outcome in your case.

Experienced Lawyers

Our experienced lawyers have a track record of successfully resolving landlord/tenant disputes.

Trusted Advocates

We work diligently to find efficient and effective solutions for your landlord/tenant legal matters.

Navigating Landlord/Tenant Cases with Expertise and Care.

Our firm grasps the intricacies of landlord/tenant conflicts. Rely on our seasoned team to navigate the journey, safeguarding your rights and achieving an equitable resolution.

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Initial Consultation: Understanding Your Case

During the initial consultation, we will listen to your concerns, gather relevant information, and assess the strength of your case.

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Negotiation and Mediation: Finding Common Ground

We will work diligently to negotiate with the opposing party or engage in mediation to find a mutually agreeable solution.

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Litigation: Advocating for Your Rights in Court

If necessary, our skilled attorneys will represent you in court, presenting a strong case to protect your rights as a landlord or tenant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about landlord/tenant law.

What is Florida Landlord/Tenant Law?

Florida Landlord/Tenant Law outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants in rental agreements. It covers various aspects, including lease terms, security deposits, eviction procedures, and the resolution of disputes. Understanding this law is crucial for ensuring a fair and lawful rental relationship. It provides a framework to address issues such as maintenance, privacy, and rent increases. Familiarizing yourself with Florida Landlord/Tenant Law helps promote a harmonious and legally compliant landlord-tenant relationship. For specific legal advice tailored to your situation, consult with a qualified attorney.

What are the key responsibilities of a landlord under Florida Landlord/Tenant Law?

Landlords must maintain a habitable property, respect tenant privacy, handle security deposits appropriately, and follow legal eviction procedures as outlined in the law.

Can a landlord increase rent arbitrarily in Florida?

Florida law regulates rent increases, and landlords must adhere to specified guidelines. Generally, they cannot increase rent during the term of a lease unless agreed upon in the lease agreement.

What rights do tenants have regarding repairs and maintenance?

Tenants have the right to a habitable dwelling. Landlords are obligated to make necessary repairs promptly to ensure the property meets health and safety standards, as per Florida Landlord/Tenant Law.

Under what circumstances can a landlord evict a tenant in Florida?

Valid reasons for eviction include non-payment of rent, violation of lease terms, or criminal activity. However, landlords must follow proper eviction procedures outlined in Florida law, including providing notice to the tenant.

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